Tooky Toy Table Top Easel



Children of all age groups love to draw and doodle, it’s a fun and healthy source of entertainment for them. Interacting with our educational wooden toys helps toddlers increase their attention span, learn colors, letters, numbers, improve on problem-solving skills, and other essential life skills to include:

Fine motor skills: Coordination between small muscles, like those of the hands and fingers, with the eyes

Sensory-motor skills: Children begin to experience (through sensory input) the environment through sight, sounds, and more

Cognitive Development: Helps develop the brain improves children’s ability to think about and understand the world around them

Social Development: Interacting with friends and family in a group setting


A dual-sided easel features a chalkboard for drawing, writing, or doing math problems. The activity set also includes a duster and a box of multicolor chalk sticks

Includes: Eraser and Box of 8 chalk sticks

Dry Erase Whiteboard

Turn the easel around for hours of enjoyable magnetic fun, and creative drawing on a dry erase whiteboard virtually anywhere!


4 Dry erase markers

1 Eraser

4 Magnets with different animal faces

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