Tiny Buds: Micro Bristle Toddler Toothbrush



One of the most gentle toothbrushes for your little one.

Toddlers and Kids will love this special design with 10,000 ultra-soft bristles that can clean tiny teeth and gums.

  • Super Soft Bristles
  • Anti Slip Handle
  • Cleans Milk Teeth

Use together with the Tiny Buds http://zykeila.com.ph/product/tiny-buds-baby-naturals-toddler-training-toothpaste-stage-2-tutti-frutti/  for Best Results.

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See below oral care chart for age guide:

The Micro Bristle Toothbrush is suitable for 3 Years Old. However, your child may use it t for 1 -2 year old with recommendation from a Pediatrician or Dentist.

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