Scour Daddy Scouring Pads (3 pieces)


Try Scour Daddy and you’ll never buy another flimsy scouring pad. With FlexTexture material sealed in ArmorTec mesh, it’s thicker, stronger, and sturdier than competing products. Grab a handful of scouring powder that never leaves a scratch!

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Safe scouring

Don’t worry, your beloved seasoned cast iron pan is in good hands. Scour Daddy’s ArmorTec mesh can be used on everything from crystal to chrome.

Color-code your cleaning

Multiple colors make it easier to avoid accidental cross-contamination.

Dry & store

A removable hang tab makes it simple.


His ArmorTec mesh is heat-treated to release food particles and durable enough to handle your worst burnt casserole. Scour Daddy is 18% stronger than the competition and in our opinion, 100% cuter. His FlexTexture core adds thickness, structure, and absorbency.

  • Adjusts with water temperature to change his scrubbing texture
  • Never scratches
  • The highly engineered polymer material
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