Natrue Oat Drink 1L


This delicious drink made in Spain is here to complete your day. Made with premium oats mixed with water from Montseny reserve.  A great alternative for daily free drink specialized for people who are gluten intolerant.

  • A delicious drink, with nutrients and great taste of premium oats
  • Undergone UHT treatment before packing to ensure the high-quality food standard
  • low in saturated fats
  • low in salt
  • no added sugar (contains natural sugar only)
  • sums up with the recommended minimum 2 liters of water intake every day

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Natrue Oat Drink can be a great alternative for any refreshment at any time of the day. Serve it chilled to enjoy.  Keep it refrigerated once opened and consume within 3-4 days from the date of opening.

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