Mistine Stretchmark and Firming Cream 100g



Cream to nourish and care for stretch marks Mistine Straight Mark Firming Cream Size 100 g.

For those who have skin problems with stretch marks and skin lack of firmness due to expansion and contraction The rapid appearance of the skin in pregnant women And those who are fatter or thinner quickly with 3 effective

steps. Step 1  protects the skin from wrinkles. with ginseng extract And vitamin E derivatives
Step 2  Stretch marks gradually fade with Papaya Xtrax and Multifruit BSC
Step 3  Skin looks firmer and more elastic with collagen. Centella Asiatica Extract and Sweet Almond Seed Extract

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Skin problems that are common in pregnant women. Often found dark skin around the nipples, armpits, midline and genitals. Those who already have freckles. It was found that freckles and moles were darker in color. A red mole may be seen as a red spot in the middle. and branching off like a spider especially in the second half of pregnancy Stretch marks can be found on the abdomen, chest and thighs, sweating easily and body odor. which skin care Should choose a product that does not contain any harmful substances. and is a product only for pregnant women.

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