Mistine Kiddy Head to Toe Wash

Mistine Kiddy Head to Toe Bath 400ml



From Thailand’s No. 1, Mistine, gives you  a new comfortable way to gently cleanse  kids and body. 

Product Features: 

  • Milder than soap Kiddy Bath is pH balanced so its gentle enough to cleanse to your child’s delicate skin.  
  • It contains natural moisturizers such as chamomile extract soybean oil and sweet almond oil to moisturized skin and keeps it feeling soft and smooth.  
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Mistine is the #1 Cosmetic Brand in Thailand. A staple in almost every Thai household, Mistine specializes in producing high quality at very affordable prices. The company’s wide product line includes personal care items such as whitening lotions, anti-agin solutions and acne treatments as well as full range of cosmetic items form lipsticks to pressed powders. All of Mistine’s products are produced by ISO and GMP certified manufacturers to ensure the best and quality products.


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