Youngliving Limited Edition Snowy the Owl Diffuser



Help your children snuggle down this winter with Young Living’s exclusive Snowy the Owl Diffuser! Straight from the frozen northern tundra, Snowy is the arctic cousin of Young Living’s exclusive and extremely popular Feather the Owl Diffuser. Get four benefits in one with this ultrasonic diffuser’s aroma diffuser, humidifier, night-light, and white-noise machine functions! Child-friendly and simple to use, Snowy features multiple diffusion modes, 10 LED light options, five white-noise sounds, exclusive Easy-Touch Talons touch-sensitive power, and light operation, and over 100 cute removable stickers—including eyes, nail polish, snowflakes, and more—to customize Snowy and make aromatherapy fun!

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For full instructions, safety, and care information, refer to the Snowy the Owl Diffuser operation manual.

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