K Mom Fabric Softener



Zero Dust K-Mom Korean Super Soft Fabric Softener is the ideal solution to soften the fabric and keep a gentle fragrance on all family members’ clothes, including children. Friendly ingredients certified by the Korean Environment Department, gentle to the skin, extremely safe to use.

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The ingredients include surfactants (mi-step ammonium salt, fatty alcohol-based ions), Glycerin, flavoring, pH regulator, herbal extracts.

Using a 5-stage process of purified water filtration does not change the activity of other ingredients, maximizing softening efficiency.

Closed production technology, no exposure to the outside environment or humans, meet quality standards.

Zero Dust K-Mom Super Soft Fabric Softener is easy to dissolve into water, has antibacterial and heavy metals, is anti-static, has no deposits, and makes the fabric extremely soft, suitable for the clothes of all members. family, including young children.

Gentle natural floral scent, long-lasting after drying, gives a pleasant feeling, neutral pH is gentle on the skin of mother’s hands. There is an ml divider attached, ensuring a moderate amount measurement.

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