Joan Miro Super Soft Modeling Dough Kit



The dough is made of wheat flour, adding edible pigments which are without any chemical dye, the natural essential oil extracted from natural plants for dough giving off the fragrance. Tiny hands can press, squeeze, roll, smooth, squish, shape and learn, no-mess, effortless to clean. Add one drop of water when the dough is dry, knead to make water fully absorbed, then be reusable. A variety of molds and ice cream machines can be used to create a unique ice cream shape.

Joan Miro Super Soft Ice Cream Clay and Bakery Kit, Dough & Modeling is a dough & modeling toy made from quality materials and designed for fun & playful. This toy is not sticky, not greasy. Can practice practical skills, color perception, creativity & imagination, and hand-eye coordination.


Ice Cream Salon Feature:

  • 9 x super-soft modeling dough
  • 4 x mold
  • 4 x pastry tube
  • 1 x pastry pipe
  • 2 x pattern mold
  • 1 x pattern plate
  • 4 x mini tableware
  • 1 x cake base
  • 1 x rolling pin
  • 1 x plate

The Bakery Kit Features:

  • 8 x Modeling Dough
  • 4 x Mold
  • 1 x Pastry Pipe
  • 2 x Pattern Mold
  • 1 x Pattern Plate
  • 1 x Mini Tableware
  • 1 x Cake Base
  • 1 x Rolling Pin
  • 1 x Plate
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The Bakery Kit, The Ice Cream Salon Kit