Huggabooks Elephant Plush Toy Cloth Book



Babies will surely enjoy this Huggabooks Elephant Plush Toy Cloth Book! Next to cuddly companions, books are the most cherished gifts you can give to your little learner. This huggable and adorable plush toy cloth book was created special, to be a cuddly companion and a baby’s favorite first book!

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• Sensory stimulating crinkling sound
• Felt Texture for Touch and Feel
• Teaches different animals and the sounds they make
• Colorful pictures & patterns for color recognition  • Simple images to catch baby’s attention
• Soft & Huggable for cuddling
• Super Soft Plush Pages
• Chew-proof and rip-proof
• Washable and travel-friendly
• Suitable and safe for babies 0 months and up!

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