Hello Glow Acne-Defense Set Salicylic Acid+Tea Tree


Salicylic Acid

Helps exfoliate dead skin cells, and deep cleans pore-clogging skin debris to treat acne.

Tea Tree

Contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties to protect skin from harmful environmental stressors and reduce acne scars.


Hello Glow Acne Solutions Cleansing Gel 

1.Gently massage a small amount of Acne Solution Cleansing Gel onto the wet face and neck to remove skin dirt and impurities. Rinse with water thoroughly. Using during Am and Pm.

Hello Glow Pore Tight Repairing Toner

2.After cleansing, brighten and minimize the appearance of pores and acne by squeezing a small amount of Pore Tight Repairing Toner onto a cotton pad. Sweep across the skin using gentle and circular motions. Use during Morning and night time.

Hello Glow Acne Spot Drying Cream

3.Apply a thin of Acne Spot Drying Cream on active pimple areas one (1) to three (3) times daily or as needed to reduce inflammation and redness.

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