Bebear Mesh Plus Hip Seat Carrier (Ash Gray)



Bébéar Mesh Plus Hip Seat Carrier is ergonomically designed to give complete support and comfort to both parent and child. It has been built with quality materials and is lightweight to make it comfortable to wear for those moms and dads who want that extra flexibility that cannot be experienced with a traditional stroller. This front and back baby carrier allow multiple wearing positions when the carrier and the hip seat are combined or separated, such as back carrying, inward-facing, and forward-facing positions.

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  • Product Name: Bébéar Hip Seat
  • Carrier Model: Mesh Plus
  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Recommended Age: 0-36 months*
  • Maximum Weight: Up to 20kgs
  • Colors: Rose Pink and Ash Gray
  • Size: one size only, waist belt’s length is 45 inches, Velcro type.
  • Wearing Positions: o As a baby hip seat carrier:
  • Forward Facing (4-36 months)
  • Inward Facing (4-36 months)
  • Back Carrying (6-36 months) o As a hip seat
  • Forward Facing (4-36 months)
  • Inward Facing (4-36 months)
  • Assist / Horizontal Position (0 months onwards)*

* For babies from 0-4 months old, only the hip seat can be used in a horizontal position to assist in feeding, burping, etc. The recommended age of usage depends on the child’s individual physical development. Once the baby has gained neck control and can sit in the wearer’s arms with neck and back unassisted, he/she can be seated and worn in the hip seat/carrier. Key Product Features:

Ultra-lightweight Hip Seat Carrier, only 0.6kg

• Made with upgraded premium quality breathable mesh for easy breathing and comfort for the parent and child. Coolest option in the market perfect for tropical weather.

• Has vacuum holes to facilitate maximum air circulation.

• Bébéar’s hip seat uses a 3rd generation, butterfly-shaped, non-toxic Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) compressed foam. This unique design allows the baby’s legs to move freely and naturally for better blood circulation, thus achieving the optimal babywearing position.

• Unique double superior safety technology through the connecting zipper and safety buckle locks vs. the common Velcro tabs in the market that are subject to wear and tear.

• Zipper with SBS Auto-lock system.

• Has Memory Foam-padded leg openings

• Unique and pioneering design of padding for the upper back and chest strap for added support.

• All parts are adjustable to provide a good fit to parents and caregivers, with extra-wide and well-padded waist and shoulder straps for even weight distribution and long-wearing comfort.

• Extra wide waist strap is made with high-quality Velcro and buckle for safety of the baby and comfort of the wearer.

• Has one spacious side pocket for storage, can fit plus-sized phones.

• Has a full anti-slip padded seat for your baby’s safety and comfort.

• Free 3-piece detachable and washable 100% anti-bacterial cotton teething pads. • Certified by International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy product.

• Arms and hands are freer to move.

• Superior quality and price are competitive.

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