Baby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads



Baby Moby Sterile Gauze pads are made from 100% cotton for disposable usage. Sterilized with high temperature to ensure cleanliness and safety, and packed in a special sterile pack in 2’s. Each gauze comes with folded sides to prevent and lints. Used to clean the inside of the mouth, gum, tongue, cheek pouches, and teeth. Safe to use with newborns and can be supplementary to brushing teeth (for example when you’re out and your baby already fell asleep and there’s no way to brush anymore).
Here are tips on how to use:
1. Pull out the gauze pad from the sterile pack
2. Prepare a glass of clean water and dip the gauze pad.
3. Wrap it around your finger.
4. Clean your baby’s mouth.
Note: Gauze pads used to clean the tongue should not be reused with teeth or gum. Use a separate gauze pad to avoid infection.
-100% natural cotton for disposable usage
-Comes in small individual pack, each contains 2 pcs sterilised gauze pads
– Easy and safe to use on the inside of the baby’s mouth
-2×2″ 8ply sterile gauze pads
Usage: to clean inside of a baby’s mouth, etc

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