37-Key Roll-Up Piano with Built- In Speaker & Mic Port



37-Key Roll-Up Piano with Built-In Speaker & Mic

Port This Roll-up

Keyboard the perfect musical companion for your children. Portable and compact, you can take it outdoors or move it around the house with ease.

Fun Color-Coded Keys

The set’s bright, vibrant keyboard stimulates children’s sight and helps them identify and remember notes as they play. Teach them their ‘do, re, mi’ in no time.

Integrated Speaker

No need for an external hookup! The keys come attached to a speaker system with adjustable volume. Its high-quality digital playback mimics the sound of a real-life piano.

Mesh Carrying Bag

The set arrives with a handy travel bag, so you can tote the keyboard across town. Perfect for packing on long trips, stuffing in your little one’s school backpack, or stowing in a drawer.

Non-Slip Design

Lightweight, slim and mobile, the instrument is easy to carry but won’t move around as kids pound the keys thanks to built-in grips. Just place on any flat, stable surface.


  • 37-Key Roll-Up Piano with Speaker
  • Record Mode
  • 10 Instrument Sounds 8 Demo Songs
  • Play-Along Mode
  • Power Options: Battery Operated Portable Electronic 4xAAA Plug Power Cable

Will be available, on the first week of July!!

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